Oct 9, 2024- legal update
Below are excerpts from a International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal release on the latest legal assault
Tthe local and national media have been silent on this latest legal development.


On October 8, 2024, The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled against Mumia's habeas corpus appeal. They affirmed the PCRA (Post Conviction Relief Act)Court "...properly concluded it was without jurisdiction to address the merits of his [Mumia's] claims, and dismissal without a hearing was appropriate" and that "...the appellant is not entitled to habeas corpus relief..."

We at International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal feel strongly that this latest denial, as usual, is the familiar legal maneuvering by the court system to avoid admitting evidence of Mumia's innocence into the official court record.


A mountain of evidence pointing to Mumia's innocence has surfaced in the last ten years, however, almost none of this crucial evidence is officially part of the case, because the courts have used every excuse to avoid admitting it.

Iin this case because of "time limits" for submission of materials by Mumia's defense. This means that they do not acknowledge it, and the media can continue to ignore its relevance. It is a court system which has no interest in justice and cites submission time limits for evidence as a man battles for his life on PA death row.
Please stay tuned for a summery of the appeal's denial: www.prisonradio.org
See the 12 page opinion atthe following website: