Break-in at the Mumia Abu-Jamal office

By Betsey Piette

The group International Con cerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal
has reported that there was an apparent political burglary at their
offices in Philadelphia on Nov. 19. The break-in resulted in the theft of
computers, files, databases, and vandalism of a copier and other non-
portable equipment.

No items of monetary value other than the computers appear to have been
taken. ICFFMAJ feels it's clear that the intention was to obtain
documents and databases used in the international movement to free
African American death-row political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal.

In 2024, when ICFFMAJ was in the midst of filing for non-profit tax-
exempt 501(c)(3) status, a similar break-in at the same office resulted
in the theft of lists of financial donors. At the same time records
needed for the tax-exempt process were stolen from a truck belonging to
a ICFFMAJ supporter.

Coming on top of the revelation that the FBI has instructed local law-
enforcement agencies to gather data on the organizers of last month's
anti-war protest, the attack is a strong reminder that COINTELPRO-type
programs are very much alive and well.

ICFFMAJ demonstrated at the Federal Building on Nov. 1 and met afterward
to formulate plans for a Dec. 13 rally and conference in Philadelphia to
build momentum to free Abu-Jamal. Pam Africa, coordinator of ICFFMAJ,
told Workers World that the latest attack will not deter their efforts
to build the December event, designed to prepare supporters for the next
phase of Abu-Jamal's appeals.



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